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Alex Freberg

Data Analyst

You'll Aprntis with Alex Freberg, a Python master and Fortune 500 data analytics expert. Alex specializes in Python applications and has helped thousands of young people break into tech with his expertise.

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Python Coding Mastery

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Gain a highly sought after skill that has the earning potential between $70,000 and $150,000 all within this 13-hour step-by-step video course.

  1. Instructor Intro
  2. How This Course Works
  1. What is Python
  2. What is Python Used For
  1. Installing Jupyter Notebook
  2. Jupyter Basics
  1. What is a Variable in Python
  2. Assigning Multiple Values + Concatenation
  3. Variable Naming Best Practices
  4. Slicing Indexed Variables
  5. Variable Thought Experiment
  1. Data Types Intro
  2. Numeric Data Types
  3. Boolean Data Type
  4. Strings Data Type
  5. List Data Type
  6. Tuple Data Type
  7. Sets Data Type
  8. Dictionary Data Type
  9. Converting Data Types
  1. Operators Intro
  2. Comparison Operators
  3. Arithmetic Operators
  4. Logical Operators
  5. Membership Operators
  6. Assignment Operators
  7. Bitwise + Identity Operators
  1. Statements Intro
  2. If-else Statements
  3. Nested If Else Statements
  4. For Loops
  5. Nested For Loops
  6. While Loops
  7. Else Breaks Continue
  8. Nested While Loops
  9. List Comprehension
  1. Functions Intro
  2. Writing First Function + Arguments
  3. Docstrings
  4. Arguments
  5. Keyword and Arbitrary Keyword Arguments
  6. Lambda Functions
  7. Return and Print
  1. Input, Enumerate, Append
  2. Len
  3. Round
  4. Slice
  5. Format
  6. Strip
  7. Replace
  8. Join
  9. Sorted
  1. Creating Files
  2. Reading, Closing, and Writing to Files
  3. Context Managers
  4. Writing and Appending to Files
  5. Creating a Folder in File Explorer
  6. Copying and Moving Files
  7. Pandas 101 - Opening Files with Pandas
  8. Pandas 101 - Manipulating and Exploring Data in DataFrame
  9. Pandas 101 - Exporting to a File
  1. Handling Exceptions Intro
  2. Try Except Basics
  3. Try and Except with Files
  1. Web Scraping Intro
  2. HTML and Inspecting a Web Page
  3. BeautifulSoup and Requests
  4. Tags, Variable Strings, and Attributes
  5. Find and Find_all
  6. Getting Text from a Website
  7. Scraping Data From a Real Website + Pandas
  1. Regular Expression Intro
  2. re Module + Regex Methods
  3. Regex Character Classes
  4. Regex Metacharacters
  5. Match Object Methods
  6. Regex Modifiers
  7. Regex Use Cases
  1. Project 1 - UOM Converter
  2. Project 2 - Calculator
  3. Project 3 - Automatic File Sorter
  4. Project 4 - Automated Crypto Web Scraper
  5. Project 5 - Web Scraper + Regular Expression

Looking to learn Python but feeling unsure about where to start? Our program is designed to teach you everything you need to know about Python, from A to Z. Python is a powerful, versatile programming language and becoming more and more popular in today's job market.

With our program, you'll work on five projects that will leave you feeling confident as a Python pro. By the end of it, you'll be able to use your new skills in a professional setting and make a real impact.

You'll be able to master Python and build amazing skills for the future. Click Get Access Now to start learning today!

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Why Aprntis?

  • Expert Instruction: Aprntis provides access to a highly qualified instructor who is an expert in the field of Python programming.
  • Hands-on Learning: The Aprntis Python Course is designed to be interactive and hands-on, with practical projects and activities that enable students to apply what they have learned in real-world situations.
  • Complete Curriculum: Our curriculum covers all the essential topics in Python programming, from the basics to more advanced concepts such as web scraping, regular expressions, and more.
  • Career-Ready Skills: Our course is designed to equip students with the skills they need to succeed in today's job market. With five real-world Python projects to add to their resume, students will have a competitive edge when applying for jobs in the tech industry.

Skills Gained

5 Real-world Python projects to add to your resume

Python accelerator modules for the basics: Variables, Objects, Data Structures & Functions

Jupyter Notebook techniques that make Python faster and easier

Complete training in Decorators, Generators, Web Scraping, Images, Spreadsheets, Emails & More

What Students
Are Saying 

I had no coding knowledge before this and he walked through everything so well. I can't wait to apply for a position! This was an absolute game changer!

 Jarrett Johnson

"Verified Purchase"

This was exactly what I needed to launch my skills forwards! Kudos to Alex for being such a great instructor!

 Alex G.

"Verified Purchase"

This Python course was exactly what I needed to learn the basics.

Nathan H.
"Verified Purchase"

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